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TrueAzzurri brought to you by Nathan Richter - True Azzurri - I bit the 'True' off my buddy Henry who is the master of all things blogs. I am here simply as a man on the cusp an emotional ride like no other....following the team of your bloodline into the abyss that is the World Cup. A bit about me, a man in Philly who loves the Azzurri...I offer no more credentials than a man who cried on '94, dismissed '98, travelled to Rotterdam to witness the Euro 2000 Finals and cried again, almost got fired in '02 for coming in late every game day (but discovered the world of Tivo), travelled to Portugal in '04 only to have the boys knocked out before my Quarter and Semi games arrived. And now sit before you with a quiet confidence that actually grows as the Italian League sinks into a summer of uncertainty not before witnessed by one of the big 4 (now that's saying something). I hope you like minded true blue boys and girls will come back, chat, and hopefully cheer many times before the Final arrive. Am glad the US is in our groups so we can stay relevant to the locals. ForzaAzzurri....